2000 - 2020


2000--Frank, the founder of the group, left his hometown with venture capital and invested in a pearlescent pigment factory in Guangzhou North Industrial Park.
2003--In-situ expansion of the plant, adding 3 new product lines, with an annual output exceeding 800 tons.
2007--Started the aluminum pigment project, the headquarters was registered in Hong Kong in the same year, and the international business was formally developed.

2011--Invested in the construction of an industrial park in Guangxi and was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise.
2015--Won the "Top 100 Chinese Coatings Companies", the Anhui production base was officially put into operation in the same year, with an estimated production capacity of 80,000 tons/year.
2018--Won the honor of Guangdong Private Enterprise Culture Construction Demonstration Enterprise. In the same year, the Panama office was established to support the business development of South America.
2020--Integrate the group's chemical resources and establish a global supply system.