Aerated Concrete Industry

We have developed an aluminum powder and aluminum powder paste specially used in the aerated concrete industry.
As aerated block has the characteristics of good fire resistance, heat insulation, heat preservation, shock resistance, light weight, convenient processing, etc., it is a valuable building material and is widely popular all over the world.
The pores in AAC blocks are produced by the reaction of aluminum powder or aluminum powder slurry with alkaline concrete blocks. You can manually control the size of the pores and the weight of the bricks.

Aerated Concrete Aluminum Powder / Aluminum Powder Paste
Pour aluminum sand into a ball mill and make it through wet or dry grinding.
We are good at the production technology of aerated aluminum powder. We can change the production process, material particles, post-processing procedures, etc. according to customer needs to ensure that the aerated aluminum powder and aluminum powder paste can meet the reaction start time, reaction speed, and porosity of building materials Structure, casting stability and other requirements.

Particle size range: D50=10-200μm
Aluminum purity: Al≥99.80%
Impurity content: Fe≤0.08%, Si≤0.06%, H2O≤0.1%, others ≤0.01%
Product features: High purity, Low impurities, Good particle uniformity.

Model recommendation:

Aluminum Paste for aerated concrete (AAC)

For models or parameters that are not in the product catalog, product customization services can be provided.

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