Solar Cell Conductive Paste

Using new materials and new technologies to solve the current "energy crisis" is almost the only option. Solar cells are the earliest means for mankind to develop and utilize solar energy. It is a special semiconductor device that directly converts solar energy into electrical energy, and then assembles them into devices with different voltages, currents and powers as needed. With the development of science and technology, engineers introduced thick film technology and processes into the semiconductor field, and opened up new applications for thick film processes.

Nitrogen Atomized Spherical Aluminum Powder & High-purity Spherical Aluminum Powder
In the two series of nitrogen atomized spherical aluminum powder and high-purity spherical aluminum powder, the models below 10μm are completely suitable for the solar energy industry to make solar cell conductive paste.

They have excellent sphericity and will melt very uniformly during sintering, ensuring electrical conductivity. There are only 0.08% and 0.015% iron content in the aluminum powder, which makes the electronic paste have low resistance and long life, which is ahead of the industry level.

Particle size range: D50=2-10μm
Aluminum purity: Al≥99.80%
Impurity content: Fe≤0.08%, Si≤0.06%, H2O≤0.1%, others ≤0.01%
Product features: High purity, Good electricity conductivity, High efficiency of transformation.

Model recommendation:

For models or parameters that are not in the product catalog, product customization services can be provided.

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