Powder Metallurgy

Powder metallurgy is a metal forming process that uses metal powder as a raw material. Through pressing and sintering, the metal powder is compressed into a shape close to the final part. Powder metallurgy can produce very complex geometric shapes and features, and the technology has been applied for more than one hundred years.

Nowadays, powder metallurgy is recognized as an excellent production technology, which can produce high-quality sintered structural components for different industries.

Sunflower Group's Aluminum Powder has a low melting point, good fluidity and corrosion resistance. It is very suitable for the powder metallurgy industry and is often used in industrial structural parts with certain strength requirements.
The appearance is silver-gray, without foreign inclusions and agglomeration, the product has uniform particle size, narrow particle size distribution range, high tap density, low impurity content, aluminum content accounts for more than 99.80%, of which active aluminum accounts for more than 98%, and moisture content Very low, suitable for long-term storage.

Particle size range: D50=10-300μm
Aluminum purity: Al≥99.80%
Impurity content: Fe≤0.08%, Si≤0.06%, H2O≤0.1%, others ≤0.01%
Product features: High purity, Low impurities.

Model recommendation:

For models or parameters that are not in the product catalog, product customization services can be provided.

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