Thermally Conductive Material

In order to solve the heat dissipation problem of heat-generating electronic components, people usually install heat-dissipating components such as radiators on top of the heat-generating electronic components to conduct the generated heat away.
Among the existing thermal interface materials, thermal conductive paste is more commonly used in the current heat dissipation field due to its small contact thermal resistance. Thermal conductive paste generally includes a base oil and a thermally conductive filler filled in the base oil.

The Nitrogen Atomized Spherical Aluminum Powder and High-purity Spherical Aluminum Powder produced by Sunflower Chemical Group have small and uniform particle size, excellent thermal conductivity, and high thermal conductivity. It can be perfectly applied to the thermal interface material or thermal conductive material industry.
In addition, we have also specially developed Aluminum Resin Paste for this industry, and the pre-processed aluminum powder has solved the problem of easy dust during use and hidden safety hazards during operation, and improved the safety of use. On the other hand, the pretreatment method improves the wettability of the silicone oil or resin and the filler, facilitates peeling, and improves the process stability of the product in the later stage.

Particle size range: D50=1-70μm
Aluminum purity: Al≥99.80%
Impurity content: Fe≤0.08%, Si≤0.06%, H2O≤0.1%, others ≤0.01%
Product features: High purity, Good thermal conductivity, Good control of the big particles.

Model recommendation:

For models or parameters that are not in the product catalog, product customization services can be provided.

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