Aluminum Powder

Aluminum powder is a light, odorless powder. The appearance is silvery white or gray. High-quality aluminum powder, high purity, less impurities, uniform particles, and good roundness. It has excellent hiding power, floatability, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and water resistance.
Aluminum powder is currently the most widely used metal pigment. It is commonly used in the production of aluminum paste, explosives and detonators, the heat treatment process of manufacturing ferroalloys, and professional welding applications.
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Applicable Industry

① Aluminum Pigment / Aluminum Paste >

② Solar Cell Conductive Paste >

③ Powder Metallurgy Industry >

④ Construction Industry (Aerated Concrete) >

⑤ Thermal Conductive Material Industry >

Thermal Spray Industry >

⑦ Fireworks and Gunpowder Industry >

⑧ Chemical Industry >

Products Catalog:
① Nitrogen Atomized Spherical Aluminum Powder
② High-purity Spherical Aluminum Powder
③ Nodular Aluminum Powder
④ Ball-milling Flake Aluminum Powder

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Application areas