Aluminum Paste

Aluminum paste, which is called aluminum powder paste, flash paste, silver paste. The main ingredients are flaky aluminum particles and petroleum solvent.Aluminium flakes are uniformly dispersed in the coating film. Coating films with a characteristic gloss are achieved because the aluminium flakes reflect light through the coating film.

We can offer various glosses by controlling the particle size distribution and particle shape.

Mixed with transparent color pigments, the paint film has obvious "different color Metallic effects", and the decorative effect is very gorgeous and beautiful.

Aluminum paste is a kind of metallic pigment, commonly used in balloons, plastics, coatings, automobiles, printing and other industries.

Aluminum paste is mainly divided into two categories: Leafing and Non-leafing type.

During the grinding process, one fatty acid is replaced by another fatty acid, so the aluminum paste has completely different characteristics and appearance.