WACKER launches environmentally friendly silicone coating pr

December 11, 2020

Wacker Chemie Group applied its pioneering and environmentally friendly silicone production technology to release coating products. WACKER’s DEHESIVE eco series of silicone release agents are produced entirely using non-petrochemical methanol from renewable raw materials, which can effectively save resources. It is reported that WACKER is currently the only manufacturer that can provide non-petrochemical silicone release agents for label and film coating manufacturers.
The WACKER Group uses plant-based and petrochemical methanol to produce organic silicon, and can calculate the amount and proportion of non-petrochemical methanol in the corresponding product series. The method used is similar to the German green power certification system. DEHESIVE eco series products are also produced according to this biomass balance method. The production process completely uses certified non-petrochemical methanol based on straw or grass clippings to replace petrochemical methanol.
"WACKER has thus become the first manufacturer on the market to produce silicone release coatings in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner." said Hans Lautenschlager, responsible for the release coatings business of WACKER's silicone business unit. "Our DEHESIVE The eco series products use 100% methanol produced from renewable raw materials to replace petrochemical methanol. Nowadays, the market pays more and more attention to climate protection and sustainable development. Our eco series products can win key competitive advantages for customers."
The first coating system in the DEHESIVE eco series includes DEHESIVE eco 902 AMA release coating, CRA eco 17 peel force control agent, WACKER eco Vernetzer V 90 and WACKER eco Katalysator C 05. The formula of this eco series product is exactly the same as the corresponding standard release coating, and the product characteristics are the same, so there is no need to make any technical adjustments to the coating process during use. "We will gradually expand our eco series based on market responses and needs." Dr. Lautenschlager emphasized, "DEHESIVE eco can not only strengthen the sustainability of our own product portfolio, but also benefit the release coating industry. Because of the use of non- Petrochemical release agents not only help save valuable resources, but also promote the overall development of release paper and film production in the direction of sustainable development."
The biomass balance method adopted by WACKER undergoes regular annual recertification audits to ensure that 100% of its eco series products are produced using plant-based methanol. WACKER has previously used this process to produce silicone sealants and silicone oil products for the paper, cosmetics and consumer goods industries.