Development history of aluminum powder industry

April 21, 2021

The aluminum powder was initially produced by the ramming method, and the aluminum scraps were processed into small flake aluminum powder. After that, the ball milling method was invented to produce the flake aluminum powder, which greatly improved the production efficiency and safety. At the beginning of the 20th century, due to the massive use of weapons and ammunition, the demand for spherical aluminum powder increased rapidly, which promoted the continuous improvement of the production process of aluminum powder functional materials. The emergence of atomized aluminum powder production technology not only effectively meets the market's demand for aluminum powder functional materials, but also provides high-quality raw materials for the production of aluminum pigments by ball milling.

The research, production and application of aluminum pigments started in European and American countries. Early aluminum pigments are mainly used in the decoration and protection of industrial metal materials, such as ships, machinery and equipment. In the mid to late 20th century, the acid resistance of aluminum pigments

The breakthrough in alkaline research, coupled with its unique optical effect, has been widely used in automobile manufacturing and consumer electronics, directly promoting the rapid development of the aluminum pigment industry. In the 1980s, an American company developed silver dollar flashing aluminum powder. This product has the advantages of high surface smoothness, high reflectivity, and narrow particle size distribution. It requires high production technology. As a representative variety of high-end products, it is further improved The overall product innovation level and technical process level of the aluminum pigment industry. After more than 100 years of development, Germany and the United States have taken the lead in the production process and product performance of aluminum pigments.
my country's aluminum powder industry started late. In the 1950s, my country introduced air atomized aluminum powder production technology from the former Soviet Union, began the research, production and application of spherical aluminum powder, and developed two-stream atomization method, centrifugal atomization method, and vacuum atomization method successively on this basis. Various production processes such as chemical method and nitrogen atomization method. In the 1980s, some Chinese enterprises made breakthroughs in the research and production of aluminum pigments, and had a certain scale of production capacity for aluminum paste. The products were mainly used in industrial coatings, marine coatings and surface finishing of some instruments and equipment. In the mid-1990s, with the wave of economic globalization, high-end aluminum pigments from Germany, Japan and the United States entered the Chinese market one after another, and the decorative effects of their products attracted widespread market attention. For change
The high-decorative aluminum pigments urgently needed in my country's coatings industry relied on imported products. The former Ministry of Chemical Industry organized scientific and technological research and conducted research and development of high-decorative flash aluminum pastes. In the late 1990s, many domestic companies also joined the ranks of R&D and production of aluminum pigments, starting by imitating the products of foreign companies. After entering 2000, due to the rapid rise of key consumption areas of aluminum pigments such as ships, automobiles, machinery and equipment, and consumer electronics, my country's aluminum pigment market has obtained unprecedented development opportunities. At present, my country's aluminum pigment production enterprises have occupied the domestic market share of low-end products, and some enterprises have entered the high-end market.
In addition to the aluminum pigment market, the photovoltaic industry has also become an important factor affecting the development of the aluminum powder industry. Before 2009, the sales market of fine spherical aluminum powder was mainly concentrated in the aluminum pigment and refractory industries. From 2009 to 2010, affected by the explosive growth of the photovoltaic industry, the market for micro-fine spherical aluminum powder was strong, and major manufacturers in the industry invested in building factories to expand production capacity. After 2010, the photovoltaic industry is facing a phased surplus, which directly leads to overcapacity, oversupply and fierce price competition in the fine spherical aluminum powder industry. Since 2013, the photovoltaic industry has entered a period of slow recovery, and the market supply and demand contradiction of fine spherical aluminum powder has begun to ease. At present, enterprises in the micro-spherical aluminum powder industry have fully competed, and the contradiction of oversupply still exists.
The benefits are low, and one after another exports is used to digest production capacity.