Development trend of aluminum powder industry

May 04, 2021

1. The development of aluminum powder materials in the direction of miniaturization
As a common industrial raw material, aluminum powder material has rapid processing technology and continuous expansion of its application range. Pure ultra-fine pulverization and classification technology can no longer meet the performance requirements of terminal products. People not only require aluminum powder materials to have micro-nano ultra-fine particle size and ideal particle size distribution, but also the composition, structure and morphology of aluminum powder particles. And special performance puts forward increasingly stringent requirements. The miniaturization of aluminum powder has become the overall development direction of the industry in the future.
Take nano-flaky aluminum powder material as an example, its diameter and thickness are in the range of nano-materials (30-50nm), so the diameter-thickness ratio is much larger than that of traditional flaky aluminum powder, and it has stronger light reflection ability and can be uniform in the coating. Distribution and almost horizontal distribution, the protection and decoration effect of the aluminum pigment produced is obviously better than that of traditional products. At present, the production process of nano-flaky aluminum powder pigment is still in the laboratory stage and has not yet been industrialized.

2. Aluminum pigment products are developing in the direction of environmental protection and water-based
As an important raw material for the production of coatings, aluminum pigments have been closely linked to the coatings industry for their development. As people's awareness of environmental protection increases and environmental regulations become stricter, traditional solvent-based coatings will gradually be replaced by more environmentally-friendly water-based coatings. When traditional aluminum pigment products are used in water-based coatings, the untreated flake aluminum powder chemically reacts with water to generate a large amount of hydrogen, which damages the metallic luster and weather resistance of the coating.
The production capacity of water-based aluminum pigments has become an important indicator to measure the level of enterprise technology. By coating a layer of organic or inorganic substances on the surface of the flaky aluminum powder, the purpose of isolating it from water is achieved. Organic coated products have good water resistance, extremely low gas release and excellent weather resistance; inorganic coated products have a thinner coating layer, which can effectively display the metallic luster of aluminum pigments. The application and promotion of water-based aluminum pigments are still in the early stages of development, which is one of the inevitable development directions of the aluminum pigment industry.

3. The trend of diversification of aluminum powder materials is obvious
Surface treatment technology has become an important way to improve the stability, dispersion and orientation of aluminum powder materials. Through surface modification and surface coating, aluminum pigment products can be given more special functions and excellent performance, which is of great significance to its continuous expansion of application fields, and the diversification of functions has become its future development direction.
Take the color aluminum pigment as an example. The aluminum pigment without surface treatment presents a silver-white metallic luster in the end product, and the color aluminum pigment formed by surface coating modification has the original metallic luster of the aluminum pigment and at the same time. The original color of the substrate shows a better decorative effect. The coated aluminum pigment can also improve the shear resistance performance and keep the shape of the scales from being damaged. This is particularly important in the application fields of automotive coatings, powder coatings and plastic materials.
In addition, the aluminum powder has a large specific surface area, and the aluminum powder without surface treatment is easy to agglomerate, and the coated aluminum pigment has better dispersion performance. The coating and modification process of aluminum powder materials has become the development trend of the industry.