Competition pattern and marketization degree of aluminum pig

May 22, 2021

Competition pattern and marketization degree of aluminum pigment industry

Internationally, the concentration of aluminum pigment industry is relatively high. Large-scale production companies such as Germany Aika, Germany Schlenk, American Star Alliance, Japan Toyo Aluminum Co., Ltd. occupy the main market share of the industry, and their product types, technical levels, and research and development capabilities are all It is at the leading level in the industry and has strong international competitiveness, occupying the middle and high-end markets in developed countries such as Europe and the United States.
Compared with developed countries in Europe and America, the domestic aluminum pigment industry started late and developed rapidly. At present, domestic enterprises specializing in the production of aluminum pigments are mainly divided into two categories: one is domestic private enterprises, and the other is foreign enterprises through direct investment or mergers and acquisitions in the country.
Driven by the downstream market demand, domestic private enterprises have gradually formed products in product development, process improvement, quality control, product types, sales channels, and cost-effectiveness through long-term R&D investment and technology accumulation, relying on localized marketing networks and cost advantages. With its own advantages, companies with certain strength such as Sunflower Chemical Group have emerged, which have become an important force in competition with foreign companies.
At the same time, the increasing domestic market demand also attracts foreign companies to participate in the domestic market competition through mergers and acquisitions or direct investment. For example, Germany Aika and Japan Toyo have successively adopted direct access to the low-end product market. Due to the production process and technology, it has tended to Mature, relatively stable gross profit margin, relatively sufficient market competition, the main market participants participating in the competition are domestic private enterprises.
In the high-end product market, due to the existence of certain technical barriers, product added value and gross profit margin are relatively high, the main market participants participating in the competition are foreign companies.
At present, although some domestic manufacturers have entered the high-end product market, they still lag behind foreign companies in terms of quality stability and batch uniformity. In the future, the competition among aluminum pigment companies will gradually shift from pure price competition to all-round competition in technology, brand, and service. Some small and medium-sized enterprises that cannot adapt to the development trend of the industry will be eliminated, merged or acquired, and industry concentration will gradually increase.