Aerated Concrete & Alu Powder

June 30, 2021

(AAC) Aerated Concrete & Aluminum Powder

The main purpose of aerated aluminum powder for aerated concrete is that during the production process, the aluminum powder reacts with silica and quicklime to release gas, so that the inside of the produced concrete block forms a porous structure.

In the batching process in the production process of aerated concrete bricks, the aerated aluminum powder slurry is added to the mixing tank, and after being fully stirred, it is put into the aluminum powder slurry metering scale, and then mixed with quicklime, gypsum, fly ash and other raw materials Put them together in a pouring mixer, the aluminum powder in the aluminum powder paste can react with alkaline substances in the aerated concrete slurry to release hydrogen, generate bubbles, and expand the aerated concrete slurry to form a porous structure. As a result, the general weight of the aerated concrete blocks produced is 500-700kg/m³, which is only 1/4-1/5 of clay bricks and 1/5 of ordinary concrete, which is the lighter type of concrete. Compared with ordinary brick-concrete structure, the weight of the building is reduced by more than 40%.

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