Aluminum powder production

June 16, 2021

Under the protection of nitrogen, the coarse aluminum powder is ball milled in a ball mill and pulverized into small flake aluminum powder; the flake aluminum powder is put into the powder feeder, and the gas in the plasma spraying system is replaced with an inert gas to an oxygen-free atmosphere, and then Start the plasma spraying system, adjust the power of the plasma spray gun to reach the set value; start the powder feeder, so that the aluminum powder passes through the plasma arc of the plasma spray gun under gas transportation, and is heated by the plasma arc of the plasma spray gun. The shaped aluminum powder melts into small droplets, and is rapidly cooled in the cooling kettle to become fine spherical aluminum powder.
The produced aluminum powder has a spherical shape, good dispersibility, high activity, uniform particle size distribution, with a particle size between 1 and 5 microns, and a narrow particle size distribution. It can be fully applied to the fine aluminum powder of silicon solar cell back paste, making The raw materials are fully utilized, the production efficiency is high, and the materials are not wasted.
Spherical aluminum powder can be used as chemical raw materials, solid rocket propellants, electronic pastes, etc. In particular, high-purity micro-fine spherical aluminum powder is the main raw material for silicon solar cell backing paste, which is used in large quantities at home and abroad.