Factors of Al Powder gassing

July 17, 2021

Aluminum powder undergoes high-temperature melting. According to the inseparable coupling between the vapor electronic atomizer and the aluminum liquid nozzle, high-temperature and high-pressure nitrogen is used for atomization (the atmospheric pressure is very low nitrogen gas is used for atomization). Aluminum powder is widely used in national defense, security, Aerospace, chemical plants, metallurgical industry, architectural coatings, solar power generation and other manufacturing industries, especially in the production of high-quality ultrafine spherical aluminum powder and its specific aluminum with high water content, low oxygen and water content, and uniform particle size. Low-cost aluminum powder is more enthusiastically welcomed by the sales market. Nowadays, the performance indicators of ultrafine aluminum powder are becoming more and more stringent, so it also promotes the development trend of N2 atomized aluminum powder technology.
Alkali concentration value
The higher the alkali concentration value in the slurry. The reaction of aluminum powder is getting faster and faster, and the outgassing rate of aluminum powder in the sodium carbonate aqueous solution is faster than that in the lime powder aqueous solution. When caustic soda is added to the aqueous solution, the reaction time of the aluminum powder will be greatly accelerated. Therefore, some processing plants often reserve some sodium hydroxide solution to adjust the gas generation rate.
lime powder
In the slurry with lime powder as the key high-quality protein raw material, the elimination of lime powder is converted into Ca(OH)2. Therefore, the water content of A-CaO in the lime powder and the elimination temperature immediately harm the rate of gas generation. Therefore, when lime powder is used as a high-quality protein raw material, lye is usually not added.
Concrete type
The solidification rate of concrete and the heat of hydration endanger the aluminum powder's gassing. If the concrete contains more chromate, it will oxidize the air on the surface of the aluminum powder and make the gassing reaction more and more slow. A small amount of aluminum sulfate can be used. But when the lime powder is used in a large amount, the harm of concrete is not great.

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