Let plastic become "metal"

October 05, 2021

Let plastic become "metal"

Rose gold, champagne gold, bright silver, bright gold, green gold, red gold, blue gold, black gold, bronze, ancient silver...These gorgeous and shiny "metals" are actually plastic products! The application of "nano micro-coating technology" has successfully developed super-dispersed color aluminum pigments, which makes it a reality to present a strong metallic texture to plastic products, and fills the gap in the market.

Ultra-small particle size, safety and environmental protection, no coating, no paint drop

"Coating free color aluminum pigment" is based on market demand, Sunflower Chemical uses the world's top coating technology "nano micro-coating technology" to successfully develop and industrialize coating-free metal pigments for plastic products. Aluminum pigments and plastic particles are mixed in a certain proportion, and through blow molding, extrusion or injection molding processes, it can bring excellent metallic effects to plastic products. The variety of colored aluminum pigments is very rich. And "nano micro-coating technology" is the most With the core technology, we are the first company in Asia that can steadily break through the technical threshold of the ultra-small particle size below 10 microns in production, so that the product can show a silk-like delicate effect.

The second highlight of "Coating-free Aluminum Pigment" is Sunflower Chemical's first "coating-free" technology in the world. Traditional oil-based coatings need to go through multiple processes to spray on the product surface. The "coating-free" technology is to mix the ultra-dispersed color aluminum pigment with plastic particles in a certain proportion, and then enter the blow molding, extrusion or injection molding process. The advantage is that it saves the process and saves energy consumption. It also "does not drop the paint." At the same time, coating-free metallic pigments are environmentally friendly and safe.

Realize industrialization and apply in multiple fields

At present, "coating-free aluminum pigments" have been out of the laboratory and have been industrialized, and are used in the fields of automobile manufacturing, small home parts manufacturing, and high-end packaging. The plastic parts made through the coating-free process have no difference in appearance from the traditional sprayed aluminum alloy parts, and the strength can be fully achieved, but the cost price is much lower than that of traditional parts.

In which areas will the coating-free metallic pigment "black technology" be used in the future?

The main application scope is non-metallic parts of automobile interior and outer body. In addition, it can also be applied to computers, mobile phones and home appliances, collectively referred to as 3C appearance parts. For example, in the field of automobile manufacturing, cars in the future may have more colors, and they can even be customized. The use of coating-free technology can not only reduce the complicated spraying process in the process, but also the pigment is "melted" in the car body. Once the vehicle is scratched, there is no need to worry about paint repainting. The outer body of the future automobile may also use a large number of coating-free pendants to achieve light weight and reduce the energy consumption of the entire vehicle.