Electrostatic coating and Air coating

October 06, 2021

Electrostatic coating and Air coating
In life, you will see some hardware appliance paints, motorcycle paints, bicycle paints, etc. The surface is covered with a bright silver paint, which is not easy to catch fire and explode, covering power, shining, triggering performance, metal The performance and smoothness are very good. This kind of paint is silver powder paint, also called aluminum paste, which is mainly used for automotive coatings, weak electric plastic coatings, metal industrial coatings, marine coatings, heat-resistant coatings, coil coatings, etc.
Aluminum paste is an indispensable metallic pigment. Its main components are flake-like aluminum particles and petroleum solvent, which are paste-like. Its characteristics are that the surface of the aluminum sheet is smooth and flat, the particle size distribution is concentrated, the shape is regular, and it has excellent light reflection and metallic luster. It is mixed with transparent color pigments, and the paint film has obvious "different color effect" and the decorative effect is very gorgeous Beautiful.
1. If spraying some small hardware parts, air high-conductivity electrostatic spray gun is recommended.
High-conductivity electrostatic spray guns can maximize profits, and higher conveying efficiency can save material costs. The unique design for abrasive materials prolongs the service life of nozzles and electrode needles for processing abrasive paints and metallic paints.
2. If spraying large objects or the electrical conductivity of the objects is not enough, it is recommended to choose an air spray gun. Air spray guns have been widely used in automobiles, metal products, wood products, water-based coatings, high-abrasive and high-viscosity coatings.
Among the air spray guns, there is a kind of anti-abrasion spray gun. These spray guns use cemented carbide nozzles and spray needles, which can obtain a longer service life when processing aluminum silver paint. There are three types of nozzle specifications: 1.5, 1.8, 2.2mm. Air spray guns can provide excellent spraying performance, whether it is a workshop for custom-made products or mass production equipment, while protecting the environment and the health of operators.
3. If you spray some plastic parts and want to use an electrostatic spray gun, you can add conductive materials during injection molding of the plastic parts, or electroplating a layer of conductive materials on the surface of the plastic parts to form a grounding and conductive effect.
4. In recent years, major breakthroughs have been made in aluminum paste technology, and water-based aluminum paste technology has become more and more high-end. So, what equipment should be used for spraying water-based aluminum paste?
In the process of spraying water-based aluminum paste on automobiles, the central fuel supply system is often used. The paint is pushed out from the central circulating pump, passes through the conveying pipeline, and reaches each station and is sprayed through the spray gun. If an ordinary electrostatic spray gun with internal discharge type is used, the static electricity will be quickly conducted away due to the conductive properties of the pipeline, and the high quality of the electrostatic spray gun and the saving of paint cannot be sprayed. We recommend using an external discharge type water-based electrostatic spray gun.
The external discharge type water-based electrostatic spray gun adopts a unique external corona charge, the paint is stored in the spray gun, and no insulation system is required during use, which saves costs. The external discharge needle can quickly release energy, which is convenient for energy conversion, installation and maintenance. Lightweight, compact design, enhanced operation and comfort, very suitable for water-based coatings and high-conductivity coatings.