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Natural Pearl Pigment


Substrate: Mica,Fe2O3,TiO2
Appearance: Fine powder
Temperature resistance: ≤ 800 °C
Solubility in water: practically insoluble

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YORTAY Gold Pearl Pigment YT5023

Pearlescent pigment and plastics, coatings, printing ink when mixed with transparent material,pigment particles and surface in parallel arrangement, because of the multiple reflection,refraction of light can produce beautiful Pearl gloss. Mixed pigment of pearlescent pigment and carbon black or transparency, can get similar gold, silver, copper, aluminum and other metal luster. The pearlescent pigments color red series, or if the black and transparent pigment mixed, will have a very unique metallic luster.





Rayal Gold Satin


Fine powder

Particle size

5-25 µm


2.8 - 3.4 g/cm³

Bulk Density

15 - 30 g/100ml

Solubility in water

Practically insoluble

PH of water slurry


Temperature resistance

≤ 850℃

Loss on drying

< 0.5 %

Oil Absorbtion

70-90 gr. / 100 gr.


Mica is the name of a group of naturally occurring Earth's minerals which are mined from around the world, purified, and crushed into fine powders. These powders are derived from the mineral Muscovite Mica which grows in layers and is ground to create these pearly translucent powders. Mica has a high reflective quality and is prized for its shimmery, pearlescent sheen. For this reason, it works best in products where it can get a lot of light.

We are a leading professional manufacturer of effect pigments, and cosmetic color additives, specializing in pearl pigments, cosmetic iron oxides, mica powders and cosmetic fillers, etc.


Yortay Pearlescent Pigments are widely used in Paints/Coatings, Leathers, Plastics, Papers and Printing Inks and Cosmetics etc.Mica powder can be used for Lipstick, Foundation, Rouge, Fiber Paint, Faux Paint, Coloring Candles, Coloring Soaps, Coloring Paint & Resin,ect.

Pearl Pigment in Cosmetics:

Our cosmetic world revolves around emotions. Effect pigments enhance the visual attractiveness of cosmetic applications and their packagings. Furthermore, they can have positive impact on skinfeel and/ or spreadability of a texture. According to the formulator's requirements this structure shall help to find suitable products for creating the desired eye catching effect.


Pearl Pigment in Balloon:

Our Pearl Pigment are wildly used in Latex Rubber Solution for making balloons.Not only sustaining their Sparkle and brightness, they can also well keep rubber's elasticity. 




Pearl Pigment in Plastics: 

This reflection generates a brilliant metallic effect. In all cases the different grades of pigment and the different inherent colorings of the plastics will influence opacity and the metallic effect produced.


Pearl Pigment in Car Paint : 

Our continuous dedication to innovation, such as the advances with effect pigments for water-based coating systems, prove therefore, that environmental sustainability and efficiency are of the highest priority for Yortay.


Pearl Pigments in Coating:

Yortay offers a complete line of paints and coatings for customers, from effect and thermo coatings to special-purpose paints. Our product range covers a wide range of application fields: decorative paints for DIY and leisure activities, weather-resistant paints for house and garden, and heat-resistant coatings for extreme fields of application such as vehicle engines,ect.



Pearl Pigment in Leathers: 

Packaging serves not only to protect what is inside – it also enhances its optical appearance. In this field there are almost unlimited design possibilities for color effects, materials, shapes and sizes. 




Pearl Pigment in Epoxy floor: 

Yortay offers various products for the building material industry. Yortay offers various products for the building material industry, especially for light weight concrete and plasters and dry mortar formulations.



Pearl pigment Application Proportion For Reference:




1.Pearl pigment for Paint   Application


Car Paint 


Bicycle Paints


Daily Electric Appliances Paints


Interior And Exterior Wall Paints


Toy Paints


Coating Powders


2.Pearl pigment for Ink Application


Gravure Inks


Screen Inks


Offset Inks


3.Pearl pigment for Cosmetic   Application






Make-up Powder


Eyebrow Pencils


Nail Polish


4. Plastic Application


Plastic Bottles


Plastic Parts


Plastic Films


Latex And Rubber Products



Packing & Delivery : 

We can meet any of your customized requirements, such as special package, your own logo, natural ingredients, new mica color match, MSDS & TDS are available etc.



About us:

Yortay Fine Chemicail Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and distributor of Pearl Pigments. Our products are in a wide range, and widely used in different fields, with superior quality and competitive price. Effect pigments include conventional pearls and special effect of pearl pigment. Conventional grade include Silver, Interference, Mica iron and Gold, Re-colored series,etc. Special effects series include Crystal, Diamond, Chameleon, Titanium Crystal, Double color series, ect. Our objects are to make your products more attractive to people’s eyes. 

Free samples can be sent for your test first.




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