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Natural Pearl Pigment


Substrate: Mica,TiO2,SnO2
Appearance: Fine powder
Temperature resistance: ≤ 800 °C
Solubility in water: practically insoluble

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YORTAY High Pure Pigment Powder YT72006

High Purity Interference series effect pigment effect pigment

High purity effect pigment is made from mica flakes by special process multi-layer repeated coated rutile titanium dioxide. The effect pigments color is far beyond the traditional interference pearl powder, with a super-interference color.

YORTAY High Pure Pigment Powder YT72006

This series of pearl pigments have a two-color effect, there are two colors of reflection and transmission color.

In the manufacturing of the Interference effect pigments,the TiO2 layer thickness is carefully selected and controlled to produce the desired color.In the case of Iridescent Pearl,the TiO2 is sufficiently thin,such that all wavelengths are reflected in-phase, yielding a white reflectance . For Interference Gold ,the thickness of the TiO2 layer results in the wavelengths representing yellow to be reflected in phase ,yielding a bright gold at specular angles,while those wavelengths representing blue are transmitted and are seen by the observer at a diffuse angles.Effect Pigment

High purity effect pigment color with the thickness of titanium dioxide coating changes, respectively showing gold, red, purple, blue, green color. 

Products in the white background with the light changes and observation of the different angles, can show two-color change strange visual effects.Effect Pigment

The high purity effect pigment products applied in 3C products, spraying, plastics, cosmetics, ink and other fields have excellent performance.


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