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How to use food grade pigment powder


Color is important for identifying the quality of food, and means a lot in the process of triggering aesthetic pleasure, because color is the first attribute of food to combat people’s senses, its significance in food marketing is obvious. Therefore, all food suppliers try their best to present eye-catching food. In some cases, the original color of the food must be preserved, just like most fruits and vegetables. In other cases, culinary art needs to create new, pleasing colors, at which point color powder or colorants are added to the food, just like many drinks and candies.



With food-grade pearlescent pigments, you can freely create extraordinary color effects for your products, to make your products unique to other businessmen. From silver, gold and interference to red and bronze tones, the color has excellent stability and can be combined with other colors. The possibilities of application are almost everywhere: delicate chocolate, chewing gum, delicious ice cream, drinks, differentiated tablets, iridescent capsules and much more.



Depending on the particle size, you can choose to get a smooth luster with good coverage effect, can also a sparkle shining luster, or any effects between them. In addition, it is quite stable for your formula. When they are used alone or in combination with other colorants, you will attract the eyes and mouthfeel of the customers, bringing a unmatched feast of vision and gustation.



Pearl effect powder can even be tailored according to your product. The attractive non-artificial colors will appeal to you with the sweetest temptation and charm! It can easily add a tempting visual appeal to your food.


Usual applications:

  1. The products themselves are transparent

Add pearl powder directly to the transparent products:

Soft drink


Transparent hard candy




  1. An opaque product, but stable enough to be wrapped

Add to the transparent film and wrap it on the surface of the product





Chewing gum

Various chocolates



  1. Semitranslucent products that cannot be wrapped

You can increase the proportion of pearl powder to achieve the desired pearlescent effect you want.

Sugar coating

Ice cream



Tips for usage:

Food grade pearl powder is a good way to change the appearance of food without affecting the taste. The powders are highly concentrated, please use them with caution. It’s suggested that to use them wherever possible in the most natural light to get the most realistic color performance.


The importance to select and identify the qualified supplier of pigment powder·

The food will eventually enter people’s bodies, so be cautious when purchase pigments, muct ensure that the products you buy are safe and fully compliant with human health requirements.


The following are basic requirements

Heavy metal content, microbial and physical parameters must be in full compliance with current regulations.

The manufacturing shop much be compliant with GMP standards

Certified by Kosher and Halal Food

No allergic reaction


Due to the high requirements of food-grade pigments, they have very strict requirements for raw materials, production environment, production technology, quality control, etc. So far, in the whole world, there are only several manufacturers who produce food-grade pearlescent pigments, the ones who have been recognized can be counted on our fingers. Among them, the most prestigious ones could be Merck KGaA from Germany and Yortay from China. As professional pearl powder manufacturers, they have good reputations in the international market. Their food-grade series are specially produced to meet the high quality requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries. All of them are produced according to the latest international GMP standards. Their strict requirements and serious attitude on quality have helped them earn the recognition and favor from customers all over the world.


Nowadays, the quality of products in the market is uneven, and there are always occasions that businessmen mix the inferior ones with the genuine ones. For the sake of health and safety, please be sure to select and identify the qualified suppliers when purchasing, must make sure to buy the superior products. And do not buy inferior products.