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Pearl pigment powder – advantages and disadvantages


Pearl powder with different particle size, the effect is different in use. In general, the larger particles, flashing effect is stronger, and the background of the hiding power of the weak; and the smaller the particle is, the stronger the color covers, the softer luster.

Because of its unique and elegant luster, and toner of different colors and size, the soft and shining appearance, make it get more and more applications in many industrial fields. Pearl powder can show natural pearls, shells, butterflies, fish, rainbow and metal with elegant luster. Varieties: white, iridescent, interference, pearl gold, colored lights, double color, mica iron, crystal, diamond, ultra white, color pearl powder series. Pearl powder and pearl powder is called according to the principle of natural pearls, to reproduce the pearly soft and elegant luster by refraction and transmission light. Yortay pearl powder has the characteristics of non-toxic, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, light resistance, no color, no conductive etc..

Note the preparation for pearlescent masterbatch:
It is very important to regulate the design and construction of the pearlescent pigment,
1. Mold finish, mold gate, will cause the pearlescent pigment disorder arrangement, the impact of product of Pearl color.
2. Mixed process should avoid high shear force for a long time, so as not to damage the pearlescent pigment crystal structure, the impact of product pearlescent effect. Note the Pearl of thermoplastic plastics.
3. Increase the back pressure, in order to improve the mixing effect of screw, fully dispersed pearlescent pigment.
4. To the extent possible to improve the temperature, lower melt viscosity, reduce the damage of structure of Pearl pigment.

Pearlescent pigment together with organic pigment pulp, organic pigment grinding fineness to delimit with pearlescent pigment mixture. The anti sediment agent mixing average suitable, the average pearlescent pigment in the pulp concentration. A liquid coupling agent is applied to the surface of the resin particles to produce a physical or chemical combination. Emulsifying agent or high boiling solvent can also be added to improve the wettability of the interface. Powder kneading machine with a rotating drum type and high speed, coloring paint is directly added to the mixer, ordinary pigments and other additives added to the resin powder mixed average, adding pearl powder before the end, prevent the destruction of pearlescent pigments in the high shear force of lamellar structure, Pearl effect.