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Special Cosmetics pearl pigment


With the improvement of people’s living standard, people’s lives can’t leave the various cosmetic bag.

Cosmetic Pearlescent pigment offers a broad portfolio of effect pigments and specialty minerals for cosmetic and personal care products. It presents an extensive variety of white pigments, colors and iridescent pearls, plus natural-looking, vibrant, shiny, and metallic shades.

From matte to high sparkle, a whole array of effects is possible. In addition to heightening the visual appeal of formulations, it can also benefit performance, such as color correction and enhanced skin feel.


The cosmetic effect pigments enhance the visual attractiveness of cosmetic applications and their packagings. Furthermore, they can have positive impact on skinfeel and/ or spreadability of a texture. According to the formulat different,  it creates the desired eye catching effect.

 Highly pigmented: With pure, glossy, full of color, showing the natural color of the lips

1.Colorful and lasting: When applied, such as satin-like luxury touch, long-lasting silky care lips, giving you a long time comfortable feeling

2.Natural fit: Smooth texture,naturally fit with your lip, waterproof and long lasting


Bronze Metallic effect pigment give skin a bit of color by adding a golden or bronze glow and highlighting the cheekbones, as well as being used for contouring. Bronze Metallic Series effect is considered to be more of a natural look and can be used for an everyday wear. Bronze Metallic Series effect enhances the color of the face while adding more of a shimmery look. It comes in either matte, semi matte/satin, or shimmer finishes.

Mica Powders are cosmetic grade fine powders, used for various reflective color applications.  Known primarily for their use in cosmetics, mica powders are a common natural and chemical coloring ingredient.  The vast variety of bold, pigmented, and long-lasting shades make mica powders excellent for individual application, blending, or creating your own colorful products. 


Oxides & Pigments are minerals, primarily used for their tinting qualities.  Pigments may be used to color lipstick, lip gloss, lip balms, and other varieties of mineral makeup. They naturally radiate color due to their unique composition for reflecting light. By combining and mixing colors you can create unique, bold and beautiful shades with brilliant and intense color effects.

Cosmetic Pearlescent and metallic pigments – classic features which orchestrate beauty, give powders, eyeshadows, nail varnish, haircare products and shower gels a fascinating shimmering effect and a unique tangible dimension, thus presenting totally new opportunities and making themselves indispensable for manufacturing today’s cosmetics.

The result is always impressive: excellent cosmetics for shining moments.