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Tips for Pearl Pigment Application


1. Resin pellet direct coloring
Pearl powder can not be directly added to the resin pellets, and must use the liquid coupling agent which is fixed on the surface of the resin particles, combined to produce a physical or chemical. This kind of coupling agents include various softeners and refined mineral oil. In addition, the wettability of the interface was improved by adding emulsifier or high boiling solvent. Usually the addition of coupling agent for 0.2-0.5% resin, such as pearl powder to more evenly dispersed in the resin, low molecular weight polyethylene powder can add 1% in pigment and resin mixture. With this method, the maximum amount of coloring is 2%, more than this amount, because the resin surface without space to continue to absorb excess pearlescent pigment can only be scattered out.

2. Pearl powder used for Screen Printing
Pearl powder in screen printing, transfer printing ink from the screen version to the substrate. Platform screen frame screen, screen transfer image information by a rubber roller or scraper extrusion through the screen printing ink to the substrate. Materials and manufacturing technology of the screen has an important influence on the printing effect, the thickness of fiber mesh determines the ink transfer layer thickness. The use of monofilament recommended pearlescent pigment, pigment to avoid blocking  mesh. Screen printing ink should have good application performance (adaptability, liquidity and good curing), ink should not be blocking mesh, quick drying india. Pearlescent pigments can be used for all screen printing ink system, but the most suitable for transparent ink system. Such as pearlescent pigment pre wetting and dispersing, mixed with the ink better.

3. The application of pearl powder in ink.
Pearl powder is suitable for gravure printing, screen printing, coating etc. in the system used in the manufacture of ink, cardboard, wallpaper, name card, paper, cards etc..
The product has excellent decoration, so that the color of a variety of printed products more natural and vivid, but also has a noble pearl luster.

4. Matters needing attention in the use of pearl powder
a. Transparent pearlescent pigments and dyes or pigments and use, can get the unique color effect, but if and opaque pigment and use, will reduce the Pearl luster.
b. High shear mixing or stirring long time, pearlescent pigment particles will be destroyed, which is why pearl gloss reducing.
c. Ink or paint with low viscosity, pearlescent pigment particles will precipitate, please use to stir.
d. Because of the complementary color phenomenon, do not use pearl Rainbow series product mix.
e. In order to have a uniform dispersion of good, please re-enter the pearlescent pigment pre wetting, aniseed and solvent wetting, then mixed with the use of pearlescent pigment.