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Yortay pearl pigments in latex balloons industries


As a kind of decoration, balloons are wildly used to decorate some important occasion, such as party, wedding, exhibition. As the improvement of people’s living level and ability of aesthetic, People have higher and higher requirement for balloons’ performance, in the aspect of appearance and safety.



Yortay produces different types of pearl pigments, including the most popular series such as Silver white series, Interference series, Metal luster series, Gold luster series, ect. They primarily consist of mica flake, Titanium dioxide, Iron oxide .

They are already wildly used in latex balloons industries in recent years. With uniform particle and good dispersibility, when mixed with latex, they perform excellent compatibility with latex, not only sustain their brilliant luster, but also well keep latex’s elasticity.

pearl pigments


With years of experience serving balloons industries, Yortay form a professional team to serve customers better. Further more, in order to meet the growing demand and improving quality requirement of pearl pigment for balloons industries, Yortay especially does some improvement on the products to make them work better in latex industries.

Interference Red


Following are some specific details:

Low of heavy metal contents, completely meet EN71-3 standard.

Brilliant luster and high color concentration, will make your balloons more eye-catching with lower cost.

With uniform particles and good dispersibility, they are quite well compatible with latex and well keep the elasticity of latex .

Stability of quality and color, can well follow your regular formula all the time.

Various of colors, give you more choices for your formula, make all colors your customers want be possible.



In the long run, superior raw material with good quality will high up your products’ level and help your products be more competitive in the market, and more attractive to people. There is no doubt that our pearl pigment are the best choice for you !

They well explain how brilliant brightness and good performance coexist, which give you an amazing impression.


Yortay Fine Chemicail Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and distributor of Pearlescent Pigments. Our products are in a wide and complete range, and widely used in latex balloons industries, with superior quality and competitive price. Our objects are to make your products more attractive to people’s eyes. 

Providing high quality pearl pigment with low price and the on time delivery for the customers are our service target all the time.