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Aurora borealis chameleon


Substrate: CSB, TiO2

Appearance: Fine Powder

Solubility in water: Practically Insoluble


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YORTAY Aurora Borealis Chameleon Pigment TH3D-06

3D Magnetic Chameleon Pearl Pigment is also called 3D Flash Chamelon Effect Pigments,which is based on CSB , except coated by regular metal oxide , but also coated by some special metal oxide, according to fine meachine to control the coating layer, for optical principles and metal properties, producing pearl luster and various of color effect. It is more bright colored and displays more colors than a normal chameleon.




How to use 3D Magnetic Chameleon Pearl Pigment:

Step 1: Mixing 3D Magnetic Chameleon Effect Pigment into UV gel or Varnish, 7 colors for your choose.

Step 2: Use magnetic slice near the applied products Or under the product

Step 3: Apply into products, brush or coating evenly.

Step 4: Less distance and longer time, the effect of magic will be better.

Other name:Magnetic Chameleon Pearl Pigment. 3D Chameleon Pearl Pigment. Magnetic Chameleon Effect Pearlescent pigment. Magnetic Chameleon Effect Pigment Powder.




These 3D Chameleon Magnetic/Metallic Effect Pigments have a nice metallic look and other color effect, it can be manipulated with strong magnets to make designs prior to drying in your base and you can also see the different colors from different angles.You can Mix 3D Chameleon Magnetic Effect Pigment powder into nail polish.It’s better than 3D Magnetic Effect Pigments.




How to Apply 3D Magnetic Chameleon Nail Polish?

Step 1: Brush on a normal first coat.

Step 2: Apply a thick second coat on one nail to begin.

Step 3: Hold the magnet over the nail,Before it dries, immediately hold the magnetic discover the nail. Hold it completely still for about 10 – 15 seconds.

Step4:  Waiting for the magnetic chameleon polish to dry.

Step 5: Apply a top coat if desired.

Step 6: Removing the polish when needed.



Tips for Applying Magnetic Chameleon Nail Polish

Apply a thick coat

Hold the magnet close

Don’t rush with the magnet

Do not apply a third coat of magnetic chameleon polish after using the magnet.


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