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Yortay food grade pearl pigment


In recent years, Guangzhou Yortay Fine Chemicals Co.,Ltd. devote to developing and research of Pearl pigment for new application .

Following cosmetic grade product, we finally launched food grade pearl pigment, after difficult research and development. We become the first one who manufactures food grade pearl pigment after Merck company.



With the development of people’s living level, food is not only for allaying one’s hunger, people prefer food with perfect combination of color, aroma and taste as enjoy.


Interest in Foods/Beverages with rich color Prompts the Demand for Appealing food grade pigments In today’s market, consumers increasingly seek more foods grade ingredients for a healthier lifestyle.



Our food grade series is exactly developed to focus on food market. It is featured in food and pharmacy industries, can be used for cake, candy, chocolate, capsule, beverage, ect.


Consist of superior natural mica substrate along with different coating layers,

With purpose of applying in food & pharmacy industries, every process of Food grade products in the whole production line is controlled and supervised very strictly to ensure the quality.



They have been approved by many industries and can meet food high-standard requirements.

Especially, under strict monitoring, it is kept extremely low content of heavy metal, which is very important to food safety and health, also our quality is well controlled and keep stable for each batch .


Pearl pigments of fine particle size can give you high cover rate, the ones of large particle size can give you sparkle luster, and the ones of medium-sized can give you uniform Pearl luster and also keep the good cover rate. In the meanwhile,it has excellent effect in refractive index, reflection, transmission of light.




Food grade pearl pigment can make your food look more eye-pleasing, but will not affect the taste and safety of your food.

With saturation qualities as intense as organic pigments, they exhibit magnificent colors along with unmatched dimensional visual effects.


In the long run, superior raw material with good quality will high up your products’ level and help your products be more competitive in the market, more attractive to people. There is no doubt that our food grade series will the best choice for you !

She well explains what is gorgeousness and brilliance, which give us a wonderful feast of vision.

We believe she will undoubtedly help your products catch more customers’ eyes .


We have dealed with many clients who run food industry such as cake, alcoholic beverage, pharmacy, they well witness the quality of our food series.

In the meanwhile, through cooperating with them, we know well how important it is to  control content of heavy metal and keep it under the value indicated in FDA.


About Yortay :

Guangzhou Yortay Fine Chemicals Co.,Ltd. manufactures a complete range of natural pearl pigment for the food, drug and cosmetics industries. Yortay is the leading pearl pigment supplier in China and the primary supplier to several world renowned industries globally. The food series is strictly monitored to ensure safety, stability, and sterility. Our food line incorporates UV protection that guarantees quality purity, whiteness, gloss, color, brightness, transparency, smoothness, compression, and adhesion of our material. Having been recognized by many European customers such as America, Germany, Spanish ect, we believe our products will not let you down.